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Orewa...Hitori.. Ja nai
Demo sa..

(made by  blacklaboratory</lj>)




♥Tell me who you are and where are you from.
♥Where did you find my lj.
♥Don't worry I wont give you a nasty bite.
♥Anything else you want to add. Add me, I'll add you back.
♥JOURNAL CONTAINS 99.9% ENGLISH, 0.1% in other languages I can think of.
♥Please don't add me if you're emotional suicidal. Enjoy life. :D

♥All posts are FRIENDS-LOCKED.
If you like Mizushima Hiro, Miura Shohei or Yamamoto Yusuke.
J-rock: Dir en grey, Girugamesh, lynch., DELUHI.
K-pop: Big Bang, MBLAQ, B2ST.
♥J-pop: KAT-TUN.

♥I'll try to comment your journals if i have spare time.

anyways, have fun. 8D.

-starts making wierd animal voices-

If you wanna join my lj family go here

Respect my me, and i'll do the same to you.

haha. haha.


Hi Hi~!!I'm Davina(or muddie...whichever you choose)..I'm from Australia and i'm a girl~^.^~ummm...yea...well, i found your lj from the candy_vanilla community...i wanted to add you because i'd like to make new friends...now, for 5 interests...hmmm...i like drawing,but i usually draw stuff like chibis and ...(ahahaha~i drew Bou from An Cafe,but it makes him look like a 5 year old==") emmmm...AHHHHH~!!!your tall and im short...(im only 147 cm...-_-")well...i hope you will friend me back, even though i might not have THAT much in common with you...

sure i'll add you!!! i love to make new friends too!! aaaaw! you like to draw chibis? im a complete opposite of you...^^

AAa~ D: that comment was just me, I forgot to sign in hehhe XD

yay!! Added you... woohooo! same interest!! ^^

Hi, will you please add me? =)
Im just someone that wants contact with other Kuji-kun fangirls XD
I just happen to notice that maybe you like him too? Ne?

SURE!!! IM like... madly insane when comes to kuji...GARFH!! HE'S A HOTTIE!!!!


I'm from kirakira_rp, and I was struck by a sudden urge to check the comm's userinfo... I noticed you're watching the comm.

Er... What's the point of this comment? Nothing, really. Just wanted to drop by and say hi and wonder why other people outside of the RP are watching the insanity taking place. XDDDDDD

sorry sorry!!! comment sooo late!!! T_T!!! GOMENASAI!!! yes!! im watching the insanity that surrounds it!! YOSH!! im sooo into my online gaming Maplestory i forgot bout LIVEJOURNAL!! stupid me!! GARF!!! i forgot this.... "HI!!!!! HI HI HI HI!!" dont mind me, im sort of insane to saying hi to ppl.... -_-"

Reirei!!! naw, u know me, you know where i live, you have talked to me before... ahahah so can add la hor XDDDDD

OF COURSE!! your name sooooooooooooooo familiar!!!

こんにちは。:D I go by the name えす刑。[Esukei] :D I am from the lovely city of La Crescenta, California, and I am a sixteen years old :D。 I don't really remember how I found you're LiveJournal, but I think I stumbled upon it on either SHAMELESS or JROCKUPLOADS :] I would like you to add me because it seems as if we both like アリス九琥。 , and other Japanese Music! ^__^x Five interets that we could possibly share is probably all five of the alicenine. members xDD Loll, just kidding :] It would have to be... [1. アリス九琥。music] [2. Jrock in general.] [3. the ガゼット & members loll] [4. Talking/Chatting with friends.] and [5. Quite possibly reading :D] And I would like to add that I love to talk with people that are in love with JROCK like I am ^__^x If you add me as a friend I would be much obliged :D

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! alice nine!!! >_>... yay added...!!!


Just came to drop by and say hi!^^

ROFLOL!!!! hellpi~~~~!!!!!

drob by~ add me lah!! so can see what i've been posting >_>


*~ rinka here, *psst*Friendster*psst* :D
*~ You listed me a friend first XD
*~ We both love:
- Ruki & Reita pairing *_*
- Gazette
- Nao (hey I love him to death too~ <3)
- idontknowyouaddthisyourself >_<

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

*pokes friendster*


that little coffee holic pooh bear!!! ^^

YOROSHIKU!!! welcome welcome!!

Hihi, nice to meet and talk to u on msn, haha, hope that u can add me on lj too!

added~ ^^
nice to meet you dane~

I represent ridetherockers. To join this comm, please read the rules post and comment with the code word you find there.

erms..Yes i read the rules and agreed. where to post the code? Is it here?

or there could be another post? O_O

I already add you but I forget to comment in here. Gomen *bow*

Ehem! R u Reita fan??? Welcome to da club gurl!;D

Add me k!!!

P/S: I luv ur wallpaper that u made for rinka!


sure i add you ^^

(Deleted comment)
that was unexpected! XDDD;;

UNITED! added >3

Ehhem, HELLO! :D
Maybe you remember me, maybe you don't. :P
Anyway, I'm Crysandra or just telleo..
Frm Singapore.. found ur LJ on akiha's LJ.

I'm adding your LJ to stalk it, since i dont post anything on mine >:D

XDDD!! no worries adding you back <3

very cool LJ!~ i added you!
nice layout btw
yay gazerock!!

8DDD!! added you too lols

Y hallo thar.
Actually I found your lj because I was tracking down some kai lj layouts and I was just randomly picking...eh? forgive my rudeness

But umm my lj name is ok_go5 I'm from L.A. I love any type of jrock mmm as for things I'm into...uuh let's see...e_e ah yes, cross country (while listening to my ipod), cleaning, watching the moon, watching a puddle of water when it's raining and it's reflection so pure, and writing pron..(anytype XD) Oh and I go crazy anytime I hear reita's bass skills especially that one song silly god disco *faints.

I friended you because I wanted to see the pron you seem like a really cool person and the icons and things are really nice.

haha!!!!! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!! m(_ _)m.
thats okay! i added you back ^^~!

I wanted to see the pron
LMAO. PRON BUDDEH! lets drool together over reita's overdoze of sexyness

O_O thank you very much! 8D

umm.. im frea from indonesia and i found your lj at one of ayaigari's journal and friended you ^^.

hope you don't mind

added you <3



i saw your reply at my comment on gazette_media. i also read your comment on my lj entry. xD

so ehm. to make it short, I AM ALSO A REITA-FANGIRL~!! 8DD

Gazette is the only VK/JRock band I've been listening to for a past few months; cause I'm originally a Jpop fan~ :3 I'm not listening to boyband/girlband though! BIG NO NO!! >__>

Oh yeah, to reply at your comment, I agree we shall wait for the REPEATED COUNTLESS ERROR's tour goods~ 8D I do think SGD$78 is overpriced, I mean seriously it is as high as a ticket to their grand finale!!!

but what should we doo.. love is blind~ 8D

I've added you~ Yoroshiku ne~ ^__^-b

XD!!! yes!

lol. omg! seriously i didnt step in jpop for like MONTHS. *laughs*

YAR! thats why i was seriously urged my friend to buy the tour goods directly from there. thou i forgot to give extra cash for repeat countless error tour goods -_-;;;.

added you too! <3

hey >_<; i really want to be frens with yoU~ wuhu i hope u post up a lot :D yoroshiku neee~

nah. post alot? not really.

been busy always. anyways. YOROSHIKU NE! m(_ _)m

Ah. You posted a comment on my journal so I decided to check out yours.
Reita's the best~

yaaayz I'm finally going to add you *giggles*
ish me,adii` XDDD
*runs to add button* XDD

EEH!! i'm gonna add you back ^_^

saw that you commented on my entry.
haha! ya IM SO GONNA BUY IT! :3

HAHA! same with me 8D!
we both have the same thing! even the limited dvd ^_^

Hi!!! I'm AthOr, from Argentina, and I found your LJ on your LastFM thing. I LOVE the Gazette, and music in general, especially japanese rock ^^. I would like to make friends with ppl with the same music interest than me, so do you mind if I add you?

Hi welcome! Nice to meet you too!

added! XD

you sure do know how to spam your blog. XDD

i'm sure this place will be the same..
i already added you so add me back! ^^
in case you are wondering.. it's me deann.

long live reita/dai/kaoru (& totchi for your sake XD) sexxay ness!!

totally random!

i should win an award for that. I know *drama claps*. Well, it's an art for spamming XD.

Yeah i know. *points your username 8D*.
hail them *bows*

hello! my name's carry and i'm from slovenia x)
i found you on deann's blog [and i also saw you know adii ^^] so yushhh you seem like a cool person to talk with 8D
hope you won't mind if i add you.

Edited at 2009-02-06 10:03 pm (UTC)

OH HELLOOOO *kyo's tummy*.

Add you back <3

Here to add you as a fellow androgynous being... Not to mention you have great taste in artists... (fellow Die-san, Toshiya-san and Reita-san... ) perfect!

*adds you too*


Nice to meet you *bows*


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